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Beyond The Classroom

Elate International School offers a comprehensive basketball program that caters to students from nursery to 10th grade. Our skilled coaches nurture a love for the sport while focusing on skill development and teamwork. Whether your child is a beginner or an aspiring athlete, our basketball program provides a supportive environment to grow and excel.

Our state-of-the-art basketball court is designed to meet international standards. It offers ample space for students to practice and compete. Equipped with modern facilities and safety features, the court is a hub of excitement and energy. It's not just a place for sports but also where lifelong friendships are forged.

At Elate International School, we believe in hands-on learning. Our well-equipped chemistry lab offers students the opportunity to explore the wonders of science through experiments and practical applications. From understanding chemical reactions to conducting experiments, our lab fosters a deep appreciation for chemistry.

Chess is a game that enhances critical thinking and strategy. Our school encourages students to play chess, and we even have a dedicated chess club. Chess helps improve concentration and problem-solving skills, making it an integral part of our extracurricular activities.

Elate International School values immersive learning that encompasses both cognitive and tactile experiences. Our STEAM lab enriches science and math education by offering hands-on activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, reinforcing the relevance of scientific principles in everyday situations.

We believe in hands-on, multi-sensory learning at Elate International School. Our school trips and expeditions engage all five senses, allowing students to actively experience their lessons. These journeys not only enhance academic knowledge but also foster cultural understanding and social growth.

Cricket isn't just a sport at Elate International School; it's a way of life. We have competitive teams and regular matches, fostering teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. Our cricket program is a journey of self-discovery and excellence on the field.

Our indoor sport room is a haven for students who enjoy games like table tennis, badminton, and more. It provides an outlet for physical activity even when the weather doesn't permit outdoor sports. It's the perfect place for students to unwind and engage in healthy competition.

We prioritize holistic development, and karate classes are part of our curriculum. Karate instills discipline, self-control, and self-defense skills in our students. It's an excellent way to boost confidence and physical fitness.

Elate International School's Life Skills Training Programs shape tomorrow's leaders. We guide students to set trends, focusing on skills like public speaking. The self-assurance fostered through these initiatives is a vital component of their academic journey.

Elate International School values the holistic development of students through sports and games. Beyond physical fitness, these activities nurture attributes like teamwork, focus, self-discipline, and camaraderie. Our comprehensive facilities offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports, fostering an active lifestyle.

Science is at the heart of our educational philosophy. Our science curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity and ignite a passion for discovery. Through hands-on experiments and interactive lessons, students explore the wonders of biology, physics, and chemistry. We nurture future scientists and critical thinkers who will shape the world.


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