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Infrastructure & Facilities

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Infrastructure & Facilities

Elate International School understands the need to build the right environment for students to learn and thrive. The school has been strategically located, thoughtfully designed, and carefully crafted to provide the ideal learning atmosphere for children of all ages. Our exceptional infrastructure and exemplary range of facilities ensure that every student is safe, secure, and surrounded by all the essential elements they will need to have a great learning experience.
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State-of-the-art classrooms providing an optimal environment for focused learning and interactive sessions.

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Cutting-edge technology enhancing teaching methodologies through interactive and dynamic visual aids.

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A resource-rich library fostering a love for reading and providing access to a diverse range of educational materials.

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An advanced Information and Communication Technology lab promoting digital literacy and hands-on learning.

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Robotics & AI Lab

A specialized laboratory nurturing innovation and technological skills through robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Multi-Purpose Hall for Activities

A versatile space for extracurricular activities, events, and gatherings, enhancing holistic development.

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Basketball & Multi-Sport Ground

Outdoor sports facilities encouraging physical fitness and team sports participation.

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Indoor Sports Room

A dedicated space for indoor sports activities, ensuring physical well-being regardless of the weather.

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Fun Play Areas for Pre-Primary

Engaging play zones designed for the youngest learners, fostering creativity and motor skills.

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Yoga Room

A tranquil space promoting mental and physical well-being through yoga and mindfulness practices.

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Arts & Crafts Room

A creative hub for artistic expression, allowing students to explore their imaginative talents.

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A well-equipped medical facility ensuring the health and well-being of students during school hours.

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Safe and reliable transportation services for convenient commuting to and from the school.

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Comprehensive CCTV coverage ensuring a secure and monitored campus environment for all.


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