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Elate KIDSPACE is the Pre-Primary academy of Elate International School for the grades Nursery, PP I and PPII. This programme is specially designed understanding the needs and different development stages of children. The space is colourful, engaging and safe. The classrooms are bright and well ventilated with attractive toys and seating arrangement to make schooling a fun activity for the students. KIDSPACE has a separate indoor play room for activities and games; and a special outdoor play area.
The curriculum and time table of the children is designed to improve their communication skills, emotional and social intelligence, basic language learning, reading and writing, numbers and counting, and working together as a team.

Elate KIDSPACE Programme and its curriculum is designed to include

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Sensorial Activities

Activities that refine the sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing which help in identification of shapes, discrimination of sizes and recognition of colours.

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Development of pre-reading skills such as patterning, sequencing and classifying as well as sound recognition – for awareness that help them to learn the phonetic sound of the letters.

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In PPI and PPII, reading is supported through phonetics and memorizations. Engaging story books and colorful photo books are provided to encourage reading

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Children learn classification of animals, plants, landforms etc that helps them understand the world around them and encourages them explore.

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Children are introduced to activities like painting, drawing, sculpting and crafts to develop their creative and artistic skills.

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Practice and perfect the writing of the languages using fun and colourful games, toys and books.

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Learning of Math is imparted through numbers recognition, counting quantities, writing; and through concepts of basic addition and subtraction using tools.

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Children are introduced to various cultures, traditions, food, outfits and festivals of India and the rest of the world to encourage them to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of humanity.


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